Keep it Simple

We believe the simplest approach is the best approach. Our diverse team is continuously reimagining the smartest way to bring your project goals to life and advance the construction process. Our cost-effective methodology gives you everything you’d expect from a traditional contractor without having to sacrifice quality or expertise, while gaining the flexibility and agility of a smaller cohesive team.

51% Rule

Our guiding philosophy: the 51% rule. We believe that in any challenge, big or small, one should assume 51% responsibility to find a resolution. This keeps us focused on delivering the best outcome for your project, while maintaining a positive outlook no matter the demands of the situation.


We provide unrivaled project management for any delivery type, of any size, including but not limited to negotiated GMP, design-build, GC/CM, IPD, and plan and specs.

Environmental Stewardship

Our commitment to the environment starts at home and we take seriously our responsibility to be stewards of this planet. Our resourceful team is skilled at integrating sustainable practices into all of our projects. We streamline the process for our clients and effortlessly marry project goals with the right thing to do.


There are no shortcuts to doing good work. We don’t push new practices or expensive technology for the sake of “innovation.” Our teams utilize sophisticated tools that bring tangible benefits, but only when it truly works to bring people together—helping to efficiently share the best ideas and get more done.


Our people love building and genuinely have fun doing it. Seriously, it’s built into our DNA. And we believe fun should include the entire project team. Because when everyone subscribes to this way of thinking, the results are undeniable.



Life Science
Military & Federal
Processing & Mfg.
Clean Energy

We truly love building, and it shows in our work.
At Nielsen, we hire and collaborate with top-notch talent, empowering our people to push boundaries, apply their creativity, and deliver exceptional projects throughout the region.

Jeff Nielsen, Founder and CEO