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Seattle, WA



Nielsen will begin work on the lobby-level Club Shop renovation for the Washington Athletic Club beginning in late May and carrying through the summer. The project marks the first major Clubhouse update to be supported by the Washington Athletic Club Foundation. When finished in October, the space currently housing the Club Shop will be transformed into a coffee shop with drop-in workspace and a private meeting room. As part of the project, historic boarded-over windows will be uncovered, allowing natural light into the space for the first time in 30 years. The project will also connect the new coffee shop with the historic Voogd Library, providing easier access to a much-loved reading room.


  • 501(c)3 nonprofit

  • Club Shop renovation

  • Coffee shop

  • Workspaces and private meeting room

  • Historic windows and design elements

  • Connected to historic library and reading room

Project Team

Owner  -   Washington Athletic Club

Architect  -  Skidmore Janette

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